Families That Inspire: The Diggs Family

Since starting Henry Duvall in the Spring of 2022, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible families, with such amazing stories to tell. I have been so inspired by them that we decided to start sharing their stories with all of you!

Meet the Diggs Family

The entire Diggs Family posing for a picture

Get to know The Diggs Family…
5 Questions with Mom Christine

Tell us a little bit about your family – how many kids do you have, where do you live, what is everyone up to these days?

We are the Diggs family and we have 4 boys ages 8, 6, and 2 year old twins. We live in Jacksonville Florida. Our two oldest boys attend a classical school and play soccer and football on the weekend. When they aren't playing sports, they are building legos and exploring our backyard for bugs. The twins are BUSY! They keep us all on our toes. They love books, hot wheels cars and anything outdoors. My husband works as an orthopedic sales consultant for a Johnson and Johson company and I left my elementary teaching career to stay home with my boys full time.

Tell us about how you became a mother...

I truly believe I was born to be a mother. I have three sisters and growing up I was ALWAYS the mom when we played house. I loved all the babies! When I graduated college and got married, Jonathan and I started talking about how we wanted to grow our family. We both agreed we didn't care how we became parents, just that we became parents. After working in the public school system for a few years, I was able to see that the need for kids in my city to have a safe place to call home was so great. We decided in 2015 to complete the training and paperwork to adopt from foster care. We bought a bunk bed for our guest room and were ready to get matched with an older sibling set. Then we waited and prayed over the kids who would fill our home in the coming months. On August 25, 2015, we got an email saying an 18 month old little boy needed a family. I remember everything about the moment I opened that email, where I was standing, what I was wearing and exactly how it felt. I knew without the shadow of a doubt this little boy was going to be the one to make me a mom. Eli moved in with us shortly after that and we officially adopted him on December 18th, 2015.

Our middle son, Shepard, is our biological son and he was the best surprise I've ever received. To tell you about him I have to take you back to August 25, 2015, the day we were matched with Eli. It was the first week of school and I had been feeling really tired and sick. I thought it was just getting back into the swing of things after summer break but decided to take a pregnancy test anyway. I can not accurately describe my shock at seeing those little pink lines. In one day, we were matched for adoption and found out we were pregnant. It was quite the journey!

Tell us a little bit about your foster care and adoption journey. What have been the best and hardest parts? What have you learned along the way?

Shepard was born in May of 2016 and Eli was the most excited big brother ever. We took the next three years to bond with our boys and figure out life as parents. We knew we would circle back around to foster care and adoption but wanted the boys to be a bit older. The week after Shepard turned 3, we were placed with a set of two year old twin girls. We walked with them through healing and learning to be loved for over a year. We tried desperately to adopt them but it was not meant to be and the state chose another family to adopt the girls and their older brother. That is what you sign up for when you become a foster parent. You know going in that you are choosing to love for forever or possibly just a season. The goal is to bring healing to them even if it costs you your heart.

The day they moved out will always be one of the hardest days of my life. I felt their loss so deeply. I missed seeing their baby dolls on the floor of our playroom and their bows in the bathroom. I missed the sound of their feet running to tell me something. The spot in my car where their carseats sat was a constant reminder of what wasn't anymore. There is no way to sugar coat this part of our story. It was agony. I was not sure how to go on in this journey and how we would ever be able to say yes again. You know there is always a possibility that the children you bring in will one day leave as quickly as they came but no one can prepare you for how it really feels to watch someone else adopt the children you gave your heart to.

Then one night in the middle of the darkest part of our grief we got a call that a set of preemie newborn twin boys from another city was in danger of being split up because there were no families with two cribs anywhere willing to take them. We were not ready to say yes again. We actually said no at first but I kept thinking about those empty cribs in our nursery and the empty spots in my car and it struck me that our pain had prepared us for this yes.

We called the case manager back and said we changed our minds. A few hours later, two 4.5lb baby boys showed up at our door and brought our family so much healing. They have been in our home for 2.5 years now and while their case isn't completely wrapped up, we are very hopeful that our adoption day will be in 2023! We never thought after losing our girls that we could continue on this foster care journey but I am so grateful that we said yes again. We let our sorrow be enveloped with the joy they brought into our home. It taught me so much about myself, I was so much stronger than I gave myself credit. People tell us all the time that they could never do it, love a child and then let them go. I am here to tell you something, you can do it. It will be the hardest thing you'll ever do but who is going to stand in the gap for them if you don't? I can honestly say that while we began this journey to give these kids a home, they gave us one. They gave my heart a place to call home and for that I am the lucky one.


Christine Diggs - Hugging the twins

What is your charity of choice for our Henry Duvall Cares campaign? Tell us a little bit about their mission and why you chose them.

We've choose Haven Retreats. The goal of Haven Retreats is to create sustainability in foster care and adoption. They believe that by supporting the caregivers they are providing direct stability to the children in the home. They offer therapeutic retreats for the caregivers of foster and adoptive children.

We are choosing them because they have directly impacted our family and we have seen the work they are doing to help foster and adoptive families feel supported and seen. Jonathan and I were able to go on their couples retreat in the Spring of 2021 and it was so life-giving for us. When you go through the training class to adopt from foster care or become a foster parent, they tell you that 50% of foster parents will quit in the first year. After that, another 50% will quit by year five. This calling is HARD. Haven Retreats is seeking to change those numbers so these families can keep providing a stable home for these kids to find healing. We were almost part of that 50%, but Haven was so instrumental in helping us find our footing after the loss of the girls.

The Diggs Children in the Yard
January 08, 2023

Families That Inspire: The Jones Family

Since starting Henry Duvall in the Spring of 2022, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible families, with such amazing stories to tell. I have been so inspired by them that we decided to start sharing their stories with all of you!

Meet the Jones Family

Jones Family  Picutre

Get to know The Jones Family…
5 Questions with Mom Jennifer

Tell us a little bit about your family – how many kids do you have, where do you live, what is everyone up to these days?

We call ourselves the Jones party of 6, because it is always a party around here. My husband, Ryan, and I are both from Jacksonville, FL. We have 4 children; twin daughters, Claire and Caitlyn, who are 18 years old and in their first year of college; a 15 year old daughter, Caroline, in her first year of high school; and our little caboose, Hudson, who is 4 years old and living his best life. My husband is a financial advisor with Raymond James and I stay home and chase Hudson around all day.

Tell us a little bit about your motherhood journey. What was it like finding out you were pregnant again after the girls, and what did you think about having a little boy after three girls?

Finding out I was pregnant in my 40's was quite the shock. After three girls, everyone was sure the 4th would also be a girl. Honestly, my husband and I thought that would be perfect. We knew all about raising girls! So finding out we were having a boy took some time to digest; But not as much time as it took to digest the suspected Down syndrome diagnosis we also received the day we learned baby number 4 was a boy. That revelation took nearly 8 months to digest.

Tell us about Hudson’s style. We can tell how much you love to dress him because he always looks absolutely darling!

I loved dressing my girls in matching smocked and southern traditional styles, but those days were long gone. So having a sweet baby to doll up and dress again was so much fun! Raising girls, I had always heard moms of boys complaining that there weren’t as many options for little boy's clothes as there were for girls, but I didn’t realize how true that was until I had my only little boy. I would walk in these darling children’s boutiques on our travels, ready to splurge on my boy, and walk out empty handed. They had racks and racks of girl's clothes, but very little to offer boys. I finally understood the frustration! We do have a couple of darling boutiques in my hometown here that I frequent, but I order most of Hudson clothes online. I love the southern traditional look for him, and also many traditional European styles. When I found out about Henry Duvall - a brand just for boys - I was ecstatic! HD has quickly be an absolute favorite and takes up quite a bit of space in Hudson’s closet.

Tell us a little about your journey after discovering that Hudson has Down Syndrome, and the ways it has enriched your family’s life. It’s easy to tell just from watching you that it has!

The Down Syndrome diagnosis pretty much terrified me. I was certain the good life we had been blessed with would end, and raising a child with special needs would be a burden for the rest of my life. Well, I was completely wrong about that. Hudson is the BEST thing that has ever happened to us. He has Down Syndrome and he is amazing. He is funny and smart. And when he smiles or gives you a hug, it's just pure magic. He really is the surprise delight of my life and I will never stop thanking God for this precious gift.  

What is your charity of choice for our Giving Tuesday campaign? Tell us a little bit about their mission and why you chose them.

I’ve selected the Down syndrome association of Jacksonville as my charity of choice. Not only have I had the honor of serving as a board member, but I've had a front row seat to the countless ways they help and serve people with Down syndrome and their families. From offering support to new and expecting parents, to helping financially with the costs of therapies, to providing education and workshops for our teens and adults, to job training and placement, and even advocating in Washington for more funding, research and inclusion. I could go on and on about all of the amazing things this association does for the Down syndrome community, but to sum it up, they are leading the way to a better, more inclusive world for people with Down syndrome.
November 23, 2022

From Henry: How It Started

Boys on Sail wearing Summer Carter Polos
How It all started

Our founder, Meghan Stanton, has always loved dressing her two boys. But it felt like such an uphill battle to find the little boy’s clothing she was searching for. Shopping for them took a lot of time across a lot of different brands. And then she had her daughter and she really realized how much easier it was to shop for a girl. Every brand she liked seemed to have three times as many items for girls and the boy styles all felt like an afterthought. Why do girl moms get to have all the fun? When creating Henry Duvall, we asked hundreds of moms what they dreamed of dressing their sons in. Fueled by the feedback of so many moms, Meghan was inspired to create fun and fresh, yet classic and timeless pieces for young boys.

Little boy with Flag wearing Stripe Jon Jon
Boys on Sail of boat in summer carter polos & tucker tees

Our first collection was launched in the winter of 2022 with classic styles, fresh spring prints and patterns. The response was incredible, humbled doesn't even begin to describe how we felt. Since then we launched our All American Summer collection inspired by my summers growing on the beaches of New England, more to come on that in a future post.

Boy in front of Pink Striped Wall wearing Pink Carter Polo and Somers Shorties
Boys on stairs in Carter Polos & Tucker Tees
July 06, 2022

From Henry: Meet the Founder

Henry Duvall was dreamt up by founder, Meghan Stanton as an expression of her life and love of timeless style. Meghan grew up on the sandy shores of Bermuda where much of the inspiration for her colorful, preppy designs continues to come from. She attended boarding school and college on the East Coast and later lived in NYC and London, where she fell in love with traditional childrenswear while pregnant with her first son. Soon after, she returned to her beloved island with her husband, and today they are happily raising their three children on the pink shores of Bermuda.

Picture of Meghan and her 3 young children.

Meghan is inspired by the people and places she loves most: the old-world charm of her pastel island, the classic prep of New England, the southern grace of coastal Georgia, and the tradition and heritage of London. This is what makes Henry Duvall so special. Our designs reflect Meghan’s unique blend of styles from all the places she’s called home. Henry Duvall reflects the things she loves the most: travels, traditions, and family adventures.

Picture of Meghan - Founder of Henry Duvall

Get to know Meghan…
5 Questions with our founder

What is your favorite holiday or tradition?

I’m a Christmas fanatic, so the whole month of December for me is heaven. I love creating special traditions for my family that we repeat every year, even if it’s tiny things like the hot cocoa we drink while decorating the tree or our early breakfast on the beach on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is my very favorite day of the year actually. The excitement and anticipation is better than the real thing for me!

If you weren’t living in Bermuda, where would you live?

Charleston, for sure! I think it’s the most charming city and every time I visit I want to pack up and move there. Charleston and Bermuda actually have a lot of historical connections and parallels in architecture. The colorful houses on Rainbow Row always remind me of home.

What do you do for fun?

This! Truly, Henry Duvall is so much fun for me, and it really started as a hobby when my mom taught me to sew during Covid. Bermuda had a very strict lockdown and the airport was closed for 4 months, so there was very little to do, and sewing with my mom became a welcome retreat for me. She used to sew beautiful clothing for us growing up, so she was a great teacher! We created the very first prototype of our Wilkes shorts together and that will always be so special to me.

What is your favorite outfit?

I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t love, and I feel the best and most like myself when I’m wearing a good sundress.

What is your favorite color?

Blue! Hands down.

A few of Meghan's summer favorites...

July 06, 2022

From Henry: Our Story

All the kids on boat in our summer 2022 collection of polos, tees and shorts.


We are so excited to welcome you to our blog where we will keep you updated on all things, Henry Duvall. We are looking forward to sharing some of the magic behind the business and of course keeping you updated on new collections.

Henry Duvall is a celebration of the timeless spirit of boyhood. We believe that boys are curious and imaginative, playful and adventurous, and oh so sweet. The magic of childhood is the heart and soul of our brand and we love embracing fun and playful details on oh-so-classic styles.

We created this blog to tell you more about our story. We want to share the inspiration behind our collections and hope to build a community of parents who love dressing their littles as much as we do. The thing we love most about little boys is that they are always up for an adventure! At Henry Duvall, our dream is to come along with you on all your family adventures, both big and small.

Boy in Blue Peter Pan and Somers Shorties

A few of our summer favorites...

July 05, 2022