From Henry: How It Started

Boys on Sail wearing Summer Carter Polos
How It all started

Our founder, Meghan Stanton, has always loved dressing her two boys. But it felt like such an uphill battle to find the little boy’s clothing she was searching for. Shopping for them took a lot of time across a lot of different brands. And then she had her daughter and she really realized how much easier it was to shop for a girl. Every brand she liked seemed to have three times as many items for girls and the boy styles all felt like an afterthought. Why do girl moms get to have all the fun? When creating Henry Duvall, we asked hundreds of moms what they dreamed of dressing their sons in. Fueled by the feedback of so many moms, Meghan was inspired to create fun and fresh, yet classic and timeless pieces for young boys.

Little boy with Flag wearing Stripe Jon Jon
Boys on Sail of boat in summer carter polos & tucker tees

Our first collection was launched in the winter of 2022 with classic styles, fresh spring prints and patterns. The response was incredible, humbled doesn't even begin to describe how we felt. Since then we launched our All American Summer collection inspired by my summers growing on the beaches of New England, more to come on that in a future post.

Boy in front of Pink Striped Wall wearing Pink Carter Polo and Somers Shorties
Boys on stairs in Carter Polos & Tucker Tees
July 06, 2022

From Henry: Meet the Founder

Henry Duvall was dreamt up by founder, Meghan Stanton as an expression of her life and love of timeless style. Meghan grew up on the sandy shores of Bermuda where much of the inspiration for her colorful, preppy designs continues to come from. She attended boarding school and college on the East Coast and later lived in NYC and London, where she fell in love with traditional childrenswear while pregnant with her first son. Soon after, she returned to her beloved island with her husband, and today they are happily raising their three children on the pink shores of Bermuda.

Picture of Meghan and her 3 young children.

Meghan is inspired by the people and places she loves most: the old-world charm of her pastel island, the classic prep of New England, the southern grace of coastal Georgia, and the tradition and heritage of London. This is what makes Henry Duvall so special. Our designs reflect Meghan’s unique blend of styles from all the places she’s called home. Henry Duvall reflects the things she loves the most: travels, traditions, and family adventures.

Picture of Meghan - Founder of Henry Duvall

Get to know Meghan…
5 Questions with our founder

What is your favorite holiday or tradition?

I’m a Christmas fanatic, so the whole month of December for me is heaven. I love creating special traditions for my family that we repeat every year, even if it’s tiny things like the hot cocoa we drink while decorating the tree or our early breakfast on the beach on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is my very favorite day of the year actually. The excitement and anticipation is better than the real thing for me!

If you weren’t living in Bermuda, where would you live?

Charleston, for sure! I think it’s the most charming city and every time I visit I want to pack up and move there. Charleston and Bermuda actually have a lot of historical connections and parallels in architecture. The colorful houses on Rainbow Row always remind me of home.

What do you do for fun?

This! Truly, Henry Duvall is so much fun for me, and it really started as a hobby when my mom taught me to sew during Covid. Bermuda had a very strict lockdown and the airport was closed for 4 months, so there was very little to do, and sewing with my mom became a welcome retreat for me. She used to sew beautiful clothing for us growing up, so she was a great teacher! We created the very first prototype of our Wilkes shorts together and that will always be so special to me.

What is your favorite outfit?

I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t love, and I feel the best and most like myself when I’m wearing a good sundress.

What is your favorite color?

Blue! Hands down.

A few of Meghan's summer favorites...

July 06, 2022

From Henry: Our Story

All the kids on boat in our summer 2022 collection of polos, tees and shorts.


We are so excited to welcome you to our blog where we will keep you updated on all things, Henry Duvall. We are looking forward to sharing some of the magic behind the business and of course keeping you updated on new collections.

Henry Duvall is a celebration of the timeless spirit of boyhood. We believe that boys are curious and imaginative, playful and adventurous, and oh so sweet. The magic of childhood is the heart and soul of our brand and we love embracing fun and playful details on oh-so-classic styles.

We created this blog to tell you more about our story. We want to share the inspiration behind our collections and hope to build a community of parents who love dressing their littles as much as we do. The thing we love most about little boys is that they are always up for an adventure! At Henry Duvall, our dream is to come along with you on all your family adventures, both big and small.

Boy in Blue Peter Pan and Somers Shorties

A few of our summer favorites...

July 05, 2022